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STORNO NMT PRM-6662 as Amateur Radio Transceiver

You get a complete modification-kit :

Rf-unit with 2 twin-helixfilters (see description Siemens C5), all other electronic parts and the  programmed eprom for the modification from the Storno PRN 6000 telephone.
The technical informations you need are stored at our product cd. There you find the modification of the Siemens C5, too.

The price of the STORNO-KIT is 65,- EURO incl. VAT

You need further information,  send a mail or call us, please !

Send your order by mail, fax or letter. To save money for shipping, it`s better to collect the orders in your region.

TEL : 0049 - 561 - 73911-34
FAX : 0049 - 561 - 73911-35
Mail : storno-kit@koeditz.org

External Link about the STORNO NMT PRM6662 as Amateur Radio Transceiver:



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